Episode 10 Embracing Authenticity and Thriving: A Journey with The Scrumptious Woman

On: Aug 11, 2023

Hello, my love’s! Welcome to another episode of “The Scrumptious Woman” podcast. Today, I want to share a beautiful experience that happened at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, involving the Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi. He demonstrated emotional maturity by being vocal about his struggles and asking for help. This highlights the importance of normalising conversations about mental health, emotions, and vulnerability.

Part 1: Embracing Authenticity and Normalizing Mental Health
We live in a society where certain expectations are placed upon us, and we feel the need to conform and perform in a certain way. However, embracing authenticity and being ourselves is a powerful way to connect with others and find true acceptance. Lewis Capaldi’s approach, being genuine and open, resonates with people because it shows his humanness and approachability.

Empathy plays a crucial role in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. When we share our struggles, we find that we are not alone in our experiences. Bringing awareness to mental health issues is the first step toward self-love and personal growth.

Part 2: Overcoming Fears and Anxieties with Hypnotherapy
Through hypnotherapy and other processes, we can retrain our subconscious mind to create new thought patterns and release fears and anxieties. By shining a light on our insecurities, we can find support, understanding, and ultimately overcome them.

The goal is to move from survival instinct to a thriving life. Fully feeling and embracing every sensation and emotion is the key to living a scrumptious life filled with joy, pleasure, and abundance.

Thank you for joining me in this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Remember, you are not alone, and it’s okay to ask for help. Let’s continue to embrace authenticity, normalize conversations about mental health, and shine our unique essence in the world. Until next time, take care and keep living a scrumptious life!



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Juliette Karaman

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Welcome to the scrumptious woman with Juliette Karaman. This is a sacred space, where we embark on a profound journey, reinventing the most intimate relationship in life. Relationship with yourself. We look within uncover and reclaim the territories of relationships, intimacy, sensuality, kink, spirituality, embodiment, communication, parenthood and grief. Through this podcast, we challenged ingrained beliefs and address taboo subjects. Awareness truly is the first step towards self love. Welcome once again to the scrumptious woman and get ready for an adventure as we dive deep into your essence. Together we will receive reveal, rewire and restore the secrets to living a more scrumptious life. Are you ready? Let’s begin. Hello, my love’s Welcome to another episode. Yesterday I was speaking to a journalist about what happened in Glastonbury this year. So Glastonbury is a big festival in the UK. And lots of bands, lots of people, I mean, hundreds of 1000s of people that come and it was talking about this Scottish singer called Lois capacity. And he’s a young, caring adult young guy, and wrote this beautiful song, someone you loved, amongst others. Now, what happened last weekend is that he was very vocal about what was going on for him emotionally. And he was beautifully emotionally mature about actually asking for help. And this is where normalising your feelings, normalising whatever is going on with the mental health problems or issues that you may be facing. And actually speaking about it out loud in front of a crowd of 100,000 or more people. It brought back it brought home to me how beautiful it is that we can normalise that we can normalise speaking about mental health that we can normalise speaking about anxiety, about feelings about emotions that have been holding us back, that we choke up so much that our body actually won’t let us sing. So what happened is, he sang a song and it all went well. And then he noticed that his voice was going and he called it out. He was honest, who was curious about it, the crowd was loving it. And he was asking, Kay, I’m going to need your support here. I’m reaching out to you to help me to support me. And how often do we wish that we could have done so what happened is that the whole crowd was singing his song. You see him in this YouTube video, emotional. He’s walking the stage as he’s listening to these 1000s of fans singing his song, the top of their voices, the emotions coming through, supporting him up lifting him telling him by singing his song like, Hey, we’ve got you. You don’t have to do this alone. And I know it’s been in the press a little bit. And when I was talking to this, this journalist last night, this is like I know an October it’s mental health. And it’s really we try to have one day a year that it’s normalised to talk about a certain subject. So Tober is mental health. I forgot the day I think October 10. I’m not sure. And that’s when you’ll see if you’re on social media, a lot of influencers, a lot of actors, a lot of people that that have something to say a lot of leaders and thought leaders actually bring awareness to and again, as I always say awareness is the first step towards self love. Once you can start becoming aware of how you may have something that is holding you back from performing your life in the best way from living your life in the most scrumptious way in the most polite way the most pleasure and the most fun and the most abundant that you can have. But if there’s something that’s holding you back, then there’s often such shame associated with that. There’s such a stigma. It’s like, oh my god, I shouldn’t be perfect, or I should be a certain way. And this young man loses capacity. He also doesn’t look like a rock star. He doesn’t act like it. I love it. And he is completely different. So he will, when I’ve seen interviews with him, he goes on wearing his T shirts being himself, he doesn’t have the beautiful lights, the polished cars, the polished looks, the dance moves, he is authentically himself. And that, although it attracts a lot of criticism from people, because there are a lot of trolls on the internet, it also attracts people’s heart. It shows his human Ness, his approachability? And isn’t that what we’re all looking for? We’re looking for someone that we feel like, oh, yeah, me too, I understand you. And that is the beauty of empathy. Right? That’s the beauty of what happened. This weekend, people understood how he was struggling, sang his song, supported him. And really have that become a beautiful experience that will be talked about, not only by me, but by lots of people, it’s in the press at the moment, and it will be remembered. So this stigma, of being different, of acting different, of looking different, of being yourself, isn’t completely removed. So often we feel that we have to perform a certain way. If we’re Popstar we have to look a certain way we have to be we have to be like oh buff, and skinny and muscular and wear these cool outfits and be hip and act a certain way and talk a certain way and drive a car and do you know and be at the certain parties. That is maybe what’s expected of you. But then if you can really tap into the sovereignty, that authenticity, that essence of who is you, you can be whatever you want. And you can have people accept you. So again, bringing awareness, to mental health, to emotions, to noticing where you can reach out for help. Brene Brown talks about empathy, and talks about how how insecurity, festers, if it is left alone in the dark, and how dark and insecurity and then just this this sense of not belonging festers in the dark, we don’t shine a light on it. So when you don’t bring awareness to it, you don’t share it with anyone else. And this is really where the whole me to movement started before it became a homosexual movement. It’s like how when you’re in a community of like minded people or people that you trust, and if you can be vulnerable enough saying, hey, I need help I struggle with this. Or even instead of just saying you need help, just saying, Hey, I have all these thoughts that come up, and I feel unworthy, I feel unlovable, and at the moment. I actually can’t speak. Can you hold space for me? When you do that? Most people around you will say oh my god, me too. I see you. I see her brilliance. I see what an incredible artists you are. What an incredible mother what an incredible wife what an incredible entrepreneur, an incredible whatever it is that you are because they see it in you. And oftentimes you don’t see it yourself. But that what that creates is empathy, the light gets shone on it. And then there is no shadow anymore. There is no feeling unworthy anymore that all of a sudden that person then becomes like wow.

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There are others like this. I am not alone. Because the biggest fear that we as humans have is that we are alone, that we are the only ones out there that are strange, or odd and lovable, and like no one else understands us. And that is often a trap that we can fall into when we have anxiety. Or when we’re fearful of certain situations, like, no one will understand. I had this client that was terrified, terrified, terrified of aeroplanes, and massively intelligent man. And he knew that the chances of actually having an aircraft or having a crash in an aeroplane or dying in an aeroplane is so much less than getting run over by a car, say, for instance. And logically, he knew all of this, but his subconscious, was keeping him in that anxiety in that fear loop. And that is often what we forget. More than 80% of our everyday actions are governed by our subconscious mind. They’re unconscious, we don’t know how, how we breathe, and exactly what we need to do, we can put it we can put attention on it, but we don’t actually know how completely how we’re not aware of it. We’re not we’re not thinking, Okay, I have to breathe, and then the breath brings oxygen to my cells, and then that comes through to my blood, and then on and on, and on. And on. It goes, yes, we’ve understood this. And medicine and science has us understand how it works. But we’re not consciously aware that every breath this is exactly what happens. Our subconscious drives that pattern. But our subconscious also drives a pattern of this case of being absolutely terrified of flying. Have a trauma response coming in his body starting to sweat, his hands being clammy, sweaty, he’s starting to shake, all the thoughts that came in are just like, Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, I’m going to crash. And this is often what happens to anxiety, our body really goes into that fight flight or freeze state and dorsal shut down, we cannot actively our brain, the active part of our brain, the cognitive part of our brain just completely goes offline. And we are in that response.

Now with hypnotherapy, and with a lot

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of the processes that I’ve been teaching you is to fully feel it, to go through it and to become one with it. And then to move through it with no therapy also has you actually find a different way, just as you communicate to your subconscious. Knowing that your subconscious is always trying to keep you safe. And then for it to find a different way. And the funny thing is, with hypnotherapy, I’ve noticed a lot of people are like, I don’t believe in that. It’s like, but we are living in trans most of our lives. If you think about when you drive from, from your house to work or to school to drop the kids off. And you’ve done this several times, the first time that you do it, you’ll probably need directions, or is that now other than the time after that, he might still need that. But now after 56789 time, 10 times you do it an automatic pilot, right? You kind of go. Don’t really remember that you passed a red car or way to the light. We oftentimes if you have people really recall exactly what they did, how they got there. It’s like, Oh, I was in a bit of a daze. Like, do you remember every day? That how you brushed your teeth at what time it was? Usually just remember when something massive happened. And then you remember the day that time for example, and Princess Diana died. Most people remember where they were, if they’re a bit older at the time, but the man on the moon yeah, all these kinds of things. When something which is significant for you happened, you will remember where you were at that moment in that time and space. But the normal things kind of happen in a trance. So by using our awareness by training our subconscious to do to create a certain thought pattern to create a certain action step. And by listening to this, oftentimes for 21 or for 30 days, we retrain our mind And we rewire. And we recode beliefs into ourselves into our subconscious that then become the new pathway. They become the new pathway of doing certain things. So all of a sudden, you’ll notice that you’re not afraid to get on the flight anymore. You’re just like, oh, yeah, I had that thought, or, you know, when you get on the flight with this man in particular, we had three sessions through hypnotherapy, and then our four sessions. And the first time I talked to his subconscious, and asked if it was willing to find a new way to keep this month safe. And without me knowing, or without this man knowing just to give me an indication, his right little pinky started moving. We talked directly to their subconscious, we asked for any finger on the right time to move and it was moving like alarm. I was getting some curse words here, but maybe not. I was like, wow, okay. Then we coded in exactly what he wanted to feel. So I asked him at the beginning of the session, what how do you want to feel it’s like, I’d like to feel more relief, I’d like to feel more relaxed. And when I think about flying, that my whole body just stays relaxed, and it doesn’t go into this pattern and shaking and that I feel like I have absolutely no breath. So after these three sessions after already, the first session, he was at like nine when we started and at the end of it, he’s like, that’s like, okay, so if you feel into your fear of flying now, if you fuse scale it, if you rate it on a scale of one to 10, where is it one being the lowest 10 being the highest, where he’d been a nine before is like, kind of like the to two and a half, maybe. Now, I still think I have this fear of flying. But then when I feel in with my body, I don’t really feel that same fear anymore. And there’s not that tightness, there’s not that grip on it. So I had him listen to a tape that I made for him or a recording that I made for him cut, it shows my age, right tape recording that I made for him. So I had listened for that until the next session, which was I think, nine days afterwards, then again, we reinforce the belief that he is safe. And that flying is safe for him, he feels absolutely at ease. It’s beautiful recoating that he’s feeling gorgeous to relax, his hands are clenched, his breathing is calm, he feels completely at ease in the plane. And this is how we can move through anxiety because anxiety are those thoughts. And those thoughts are what governs the actions. And the actions are what governs our life. So by moving those thought patterns by moving those images, those body sensations by moving through them, that is how we completely repattern recode, rewire, and restore the belief that we are safe, and that there is absolutely nothing to fear. So just like that was a beautiful session for this man that had been suffering. Proof that we don’t often think that anxiety or a belief that you are a fear of flying is anything that a mental limitation. But if you really look at it, we have so many mental blocks, so many emotional blocks that are holding us back from living our fullest life. And the more that awareness that we can bring on this, the more that we can shine the light on those patterns and have those whatever we mean it’s whatever we make it to mean because honestly, we as humans are meaning making machines, right? We feel a tightness in our chest and we’re like, oh my god, I’m anxious. What am I anxious? Let me think. Like it’s Oh, it’s the way that this this man looked at me and it could be but sometimes it’s just like, Hey, chill the fuck out. Take a chill pill. Yeah, let me just see what’s going on here. Let me do the body sensations, body sensations. Okay, there’s a tightness in my chest. The image that’s coming up is actually I’m seeing my chest with like a vise around it. Great. What’s the thoughts like, wow, that’s that’s, that looks like an iron fist, it looks like one of those cartoons with like, the Hulk, but then in grey, on the body sensation, we know that it feels constricted, and then kind of what’s the emotion there, it’s like, it’s not anxiety, it’s just pure curiosity. So let’s move through that curiosity, feel that experience that? What now comes up, so that has lifted, that’s no longer there. And that’s where we get to a point of choice and choice. So important. Choice is how you can either call in your audience to help you choice was this man that came to me for the fear of flying, he all of a sudden had choice, he could get on a plane, or he could not get on a plane because it really didn’t matter to him anymore. But when you are left in a situation where you are so in your head and your body is reacting in such a strong way that you cannot do anything, but freeze, you are not left with choice, you are left in survival instinct. And that, my friends, is what we talk about here. In the scrumptious woman, how can we move from survival instinct, to a life that’s thriving? That scrumptious energy moving through that feels delicious and pleasurable. And for me, the only way out is through feeling fully every single sensation, emotion, and everything that comes up. That’s it my love. Talk to you next time.

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