Episode 08 Unveiling Scrumptious Experiences

On: Jul 28, 2023

Welcome to The Scrumptious Woman with me Juliette Karaman! In this podcast, we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and reinventing our relationship with ourselves.

We explore relationships, intimacy, sensuality, kink, spirituality, embodiment, and more. Today, let’s talk about the delightful Scrumptious Experiences.

Scrumptious Experiences are my VIP days where I offer dedicated attention to individuals seeking transformation. It’s about making them feel like the most important person, with my full focus on them for a day or longer. Whether it’s working with couples or individuals, we uncover what’s missing in their relationships or explore new aspects of sensuality and communication. It’s about helping them receive pleasure and find their unique pathways to fulfilment.

Let me share an incredible VIP experience with a high-net-worth individual. He needed a break from his constant decision-making and responsibilities. Throughout the day, we focused on his body, addressing discomfort and providing massages. We delved into his desires, aspirations, and childhood experiences. By the end, he discovered a new purpose—a charity project inspired by his family history.

These VIP days are tailored to individual needs, whether it’s planning a business launch or deep-diving into personal growth. The goal is to provide immediate results and create a profound impact.

To learn more about my scrumptious experiences, visit my website. Share this podcast with others and let’s inspire a ripple effect of transformation. Thank you for being part of our vibrant community. Stay fully you and radiate your unique essence in all that you do. Much love!



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Juliette Karaman

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Welcome to the scrumptious woman with Juliette Karaman. This is a sacred space, where we embark on a profound journey, reinventing the most intimate relationship in life. Relationship with yourself. We look within uncover and reclaim the territories of relationships, intimacy, sensuality, kink, spirituality, embodiment, communication, parenthood and grief. Through this podcast, we challenged ingrained beliefs and address taboo subjects. Awareness truly is the first step towards self love. Welcome once again to the scrumptious woman and get ready for an adventure as we dive deep into your essence. Together we will receive reveal, rewire and restore the secrets to living a more scrumptious life. Are you ready? Let’s begin. Hello, my love’s I am super happy to be with you again. And today I want to talk to you about the scrumptious experiences. I know it sounds really scrumptious, isn’t it? I have just finished the most incredible I mean, really, really, really beautiful brochure for my VIP days. And I call them scrumptious experiences because this is a scrumptious woman. And scrumptious is really a feeling it’s at life chi, it’s that orgasm, it’s that state of being that we get access to. So for me, the scrumptious experience is there’s one day VIP day and then I have longer periods of I actually spent with people. And someone was asking me one of the one of the other coaches the other day was asking me, it’s like, what do you even do in a VIP day? What does that mean? I thought it’s just like very important people. It’s like celebrities, Mike Well, that is actually guess I do have a few celebrities. And but that’s also the feeling I want to evoke. In someone I want them to feel that they are the only person that is your, that my full attention is focused on for that day, or for that period. I also have two days or three days, two nights, and even longer retreats. Because there we go, another breath, the embodiment piece by body telling me to slow down. Because Don’t we all want to be heard, seen, understood and basically be loved. So a lot of my clients want quick, quick transformations. Yeah, they live an incredible life, they have pretty much access to everything that they want. And then yet there is that little niggle there’s a little either their relationship isn’t completely what they want. They love each other a lot. But the intimacy, the centrality part, the sexuality part might have gone missing. They may have they may want to actually bring in another part of their sexuality of their sensuality, of communication to each other. They or even if I have a one, one on one, VIP day, that’s I love doing just one person. And we could map their body out and see how do we receive pleasure? How what is in the way of us receiving pleasure, because we don’t even think about this. It’s like, okay, we’ve been married for 20 years, it’s always been kind of the same we have we know what usually used to work, and there’s something missing now. So that is a couple’s work that I work with, and really noticing what’s in the way. Has there been an intense experience to start becoming a detective kind of like hey, what’s happened? Are you What’s your age? What’s happening emotionally in the relationship? What’s happening physically? Are you in menopause with all of these things? Are you uncertain medicines, all of these things really make a huge difference in how to we into how the way into pleasure is an end to how we perceive pleasure.

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So one of my VIPs flew in from Dubai, and he’s a very high net worth individual leads a big company. And I’m gonna leave it at that. Because I’m always very discreet about who I work with. And I wouldn’t want someone else talking about me. But what we did for him was a beautiful experience where he’s always so much in charge. And for him. The thing was to learn how to receive, to learn how to be in an experience, not even to learn but to experience what it is like to completely let go to let someone else take charge. And oftentimes, you will see this with people that are very high up in organisations, that they’re tired, they’re tired of constantly holding the reins and constantly making decisions that in their private lives, sometimes I just want to completely let go and they do nothing they scroll or they they hear they just like kind of want to flop down somewhere on the beach and just say, Okay, I’m taking two days off, I need to recharge. And that’s often what happens, right we can we can get to that point of almost burnout, because we’re working, working, working, working, or we have so many responsibilities, so many people that we take care of. So one is man flew in. We had had a call before and I really understood what it was that he wanted. And most of the times I work with couples and woman. And lately this has changed to having more men. So one of his key things was that in his culture, he was always meant to be the provider. He was always taught to be the provider to take care of his siblings to take care of the woman of the people in his life. And without that he actually didn’t even know what he wanted he guess ticked all the boxes. Yeah, education, the house, the wife did this the business the you know, the the aeroplanes this the that the travel, all the beautiful things that people often think is what makes them really successful, ticked, all of that, and the high salary, etc, etc, etc. But travel. And yet there was that part that was just slightly missing. He didn’t really even realise. So through the day with lots of different exercises and lots of questions, lots of attention on him. He could let go. He wasn’t responsible for where he was going to be. I had that completely covered. He all he had to do is like arrive in the venue. And after that it was like hand me your phone. Here you go. You can hold it, you can keep it or I can hand it and you just completely let go. And it was interesting to watch where a man who’s been cell in control actually received, received attention, received someone planning out his day, making sure that he had massage, had some body work done. There was there were some niggles in his body as well. He needed some back work done. And all the while preparing him mentally for what it was that he wanted. So I took him through a deep nurse’s back to his childhood and recognise that something had been holding him back. So in the course of our morning together, we discovered what it was. We had he had the body the body work done. I had a beautiful lunch. And this didn’t discuss much because I just wanted him to integrate and you know, kept on bringing his attention back to his body. Had him taste every single little morsel of food because I noticed this was the first plate that came he just kind of like eight without tasting. And this is something that I’m so aware that people do. They don’t look at They may look at the food and take pictures or whatever. Now, social media, everyone takes pictures. But you know, you may look at food, how do you experience food? What senses do you bring in. So of course you have your eyes, you see how it looks, the smell it. You can even hear it sizzling. But if you don’t take a moment to actually smell it, before you taste it. And then if you don’t let the tastebuds in the back of your your throat, really do the work, slow down, bring the breathing in. It’s like, oh, where can I experience these sensations all through my body and not just in my mouth. Again, talking about slowing down, this seems to be a theme of me slowing down. So anyway, we took about an hour, 15 minutes to have a beautiful scrumptious lunch. And he’s like, wow, my last 30 years have had nothing but really good food. And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever been present enough to meal as I’ve been present here today. Now I like actually taking away the eyesight sometimes. So that you can just experience the smell by hearing the touching, bringing a fake up to your nose. Smelling it touching that velvety texture. Yeah, using all those senses before you even make that first bite into anything. And then afternoon was spent asking him questions about what he wanted to bring forth in this world. What what his soul was really calling him forward. And a lot of people say this is very woowoo stuff. And yet, oftentimes people that have achieved so much, and have that yearning, want more, not more like outside themselves, but they actually want to go more inside. And they want to put that some of that attention that they’ve put on the outside, instead of getting yet another business deal of making more money, they want to just have a bit more time because time is their most precious commodity. So through hypnosis, through my our four method, we really honed in on what it is that he wanted of the relationship with Himself. What was stopping him What is he wants to bring more of. And they all sound like really easy questions and they are simple. But if you gloss over them, that is when this disconnection starts to happen, and ready to go back into oneself, to feel what’s turning them on what’s having them feel alive. The end of the day, we left with a three point plan to implement. This man now is running a charity or has started a charity on the side. And it’s helping is helping kids that that have no education. He’s helping kids. He’s helping kids through school and through university. That before he thought Yeah, that’s something I want to do. But he didn’t really understand what it was until with our coaching he actually noticed that it’s part of his heritage and part of his grandfather had been an immigrant and hadn’t actually had a lot of education. So he now his soul was asking him to this to be here for others. And to be that that beam and to be that that inspiration for others.

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So this is one of the ways that I do my VIP days, and other there are lots of other ways of doing it but VA p de for me, it’s a quick way, a rapid result in the shortest amount possible. Yes, people sometimes love really long holding. But this is where you want immediate results with complete attention on you attention on your body attention on your mind on your psyche, your soul really having these three coming unison. And then tapping into that essence that is you. Another client, we did a beautiful medicine journey with which was gorgeous, gorgeous, a bit longer. A few days, and I brought in this this incredible shaman that I’ve worked with. So there’s not one experience that is always the same. And I declined what I did, I took her to Paris, and we did this incredible photoshoot. And she didn’t love her body. And when we first started working together, and then after a while she really loved how she looks. Now in her 50s We did this beautiful photoshoot brought in this incredible photographer, and realise that we can start looking at ourselves through new eyes, we can start seeing ourselves in the way that this photographer brought out this incredible voluptuous, gorgeous woman that had been hiding in there all along. And that for her, she just saw, yeah, a blob and just not very in touch with her sensuality. So that was two days of beautiful pleasure mapping and really getting to know where her body likes to receive pleasure. I know that we’ve talked about this before. But it’s something that you can do is, is have different areas of the body receive different kinds of touch. So how I do this with my VIP clients, I have them practice on themself, do self touch. And then I’ll teach to take them through the different archetypes, the energetic, the sensual, the sexual, perhaps kinky, and then the shapeshifter that likes all of the things, and also all of the shadows. So have them say, start on the inside of their right arm, through like energetic touch, really touch off the arm going up. Then what does that feel like if their partner does that kind of touch. And we map out every single part of the body like this, fully clothed, fully clothed, but it teaches them that what their way into pleasure is so much different than what their mind thinks. Because the body never lies the body reveals what actually excites them. And it could be as small as taking in an M breath. Goosebumps starting to arise on their shoulders. And this is really where you become a pleasure detective. I love this between couples. This is what we do in a three day one, we actually get to experience what each of their pathway into pleasure is. And then how can we really implement and how can we start playing in each other’s archetype and each other’s blueprint. So those are some of the ways that I do a VIP day. But other people might be business coaches and say, Hey, I have this programme. I have this, this programme that I want to start in six weeks, but I want to really plan out the whole launch with you. I’ve had one of these as well. So I spent a whole day we’ve done morning. What do you need to do the next six weeks, right? All the emails in the afternoon, made sure that the programme was alright, what are the implement rotation days that you want as a day that you’re going to launch it, so it’s much more masculine much more structured. So for all of you that are thinking of doing a VIP day. It the world is your oyster. Someone gets to have between four and six or longer hours with you. What kind of attention can you put on them? What is the change that they’re looking for? And how are you going to provide your attention so that this change can happen? One of my favourite ways to spend a deep deep dive with people and really getting to know them well. All right, my love’s you can find out all about my scrumptious experiences on my website, the brochure, this beautiful magazine that this lady Leanne has created for me she’s an absolute star, beautiful, very bespoke, very sensual, have a look at feel fully you and look at scrumptious experiences. Much love and see you next time. Thank you for joining the scrumptious woman podcast. I appreciate you being here as time is your most precious commodity. If you enjoyed these insights, please hit the like and subscribe button. By doing so you’ll stay connected. Visit feel fully u.com for a wealth of resources, tools and guidance to support your journey towards living a more scrumptious life. Follow me on Instagram under the handle Juliette Karaman. French spelling with double te Karaman Ka-ra-man. Facebook again, Juliette Karaman don’t keep this magic to yourself. But share this podcast with anyone who you feel will benefit from this energetic exploration. Spread the wisdom ignite their inner fire and empower them to embrace their true selves. Together let’s create this ripple effect of transformation and inspire others to embark on their own journey of self discovery. Thank you for being part of our vibrant community. Stay fully you and continue to radiate your unique essence and all that you do

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