Finally! A clear approach to experience frequent, orgasmic pleasure!

Interactive Games and Experiential Tools to Make Sure Your Sex Life is Deeply Satisfying and Full of Passion

“I’ve been struggling with issues in my sex life for years now and tried counseling on and off and I feel like I’ve made more progress in these past few weeks than I have in the past few years!


Here’s EXACTLY how we help get
you results…

Forget the boring coursework!

In 70 (5 to 15 minute) engaging video trainings
Jaiya and Ian give you…

  • Fun Games to uncover all your hottest turn ons, so you can always get your desires fulfilled (Solo or partnered)
  • Powerful Pleasure Practices to deepen connection and expand your pleasure. The pleasure possibilities are endless, and we’ll unlock the gates to your orgasmic satisfaction
  • Tools to dismantle blocks to Your Pleasure so you can freely express who you are and get what you want, free from pain, frustration and shame
  • Sexy, Successful Communication Tools: Overcome incompatibility, get your needs met, deepen intimacy and ignite passion for a lifetime…

So much more than an online course!
Get Ongoing Expert Coaching and Support from the community

As a LIFETIME member of our online community
You get multiple monthly group coaching calls

  • Your journey is unique to you. Having someone available to customize the program to your needs keeps you from getting stuck, frustrated or confused
  • With our Lead Blueprint Coaches guiding you every step of your journey, you’ll always know how to navigate the sticky spots and what to do next!

Joyfully and Fearlessly Get The
Connection and Satisfaction That You Crave!


These practices, tools and techniques are what Jaiya used to transform Erika and Damon’s relationship on Netflix’s docuseries ‘sex, love & goop’…

And now YOU can use them to transform your sex life too!

Are you…

Challenged by not getting your needs met in the bedroom?

Not knowing what turns you on or being able to ask for what you want…

And you’re ready to…

Get your needs and desires fed and fulfilled!

You’re frustrated because Pleasure and orgasm are elusive or non-existent for you…

And you’re ready to…

Experience deep, satisfying pleasure in ways you never knew were possible!

You suffer from Sexual incompatibility killing passion in your relationship(s) and you feel like your sex life is doomed…

And you’re ready to…

Discover fulfilling, orgasmic connection and that young love passion… No matter what stage of relationship you’re in!

You lack Confidence in between the sheets, fumbling and failing, unable to pleasure your lover(s) to climax…

And you’re ready to…

Master the turns ons of
All 5 Erotic Blueprint Types and
Become the Ultimate Lover…


Dive into orgasmic homework and pleasure exploration. This step-by-step training give you time tested tools to experience the personal pleasure, fulfilling intimacy and sexual satisfaction that you crave.

How We
Get You Results…

Module 1

Your road to success

(foundations for your Blueprint Breakthrough)

Easy wins speed up your erotic transformation!

Right from the beginning, we give you powerful practices and simple strategies to start getting your desires met and needs fulfilled.

Module 2

Your Stage of Sexuality™

(so you can experience greater erotic fulfillment)

Discover the 5 different ‘Stages of Sexuality.’ Honoring what Stage you’re currently in releases you from self-judgment and empowers you to relax into your authentic sexuality.

We also reveal to you the 4 fundamental pathways that could enhance (or cripple) your sexual health and pleasure.

Module 3

Uncover your unique map of pleasure

(so you’re never left wanting again)

Your body has the secrets to your ecstatic satisfaction.

You’re not going to uncover your hottest turn ons by reading words on a page.

We give you detailed, fun and easy practices to determine your own or someone else’s Blueprint delights!

Once you master these skills, erotic superpowers are yours for a lifetime.

Module 4

Master the art of total orgasmic fulfillment

(your pleasure cup runneth over when you learn to feed your desires)

Each Blueprint Type flirts and seduces differently. Each Blueprint Type experiences arousal, turn on, orgasmic delight and climaxes differently.

This module empowers you to get the touch you crave! AND have the confidence that you can satisfy any lover like never before.

BONUS: Super hot “Feeding the Blueprints” video demonstrations (tastefully PG – nudity-free) show you solo-pleasure and partnered practices in every Erotic Blueprint Style. Watch, learn, and implement. Develop the ability to make any lover come back for seconds (or stay for a lifetime).

Module 5

Seductively Speaking the Blueprints

(your presence is your power)

Did you know that each Blueprint Type has entirely different words that turn them on? 

We’ll show you the exact words to use, how to email, or sext to hit exactly the right tone to drive your lover wild.

More than words… Each Blueprint wants to be seduced and aroused differently. Your vocal tone, your body language…

Does your lover feel your presence when you’re with them? Can you confidently play with control and surrender? Dominance and submission?

Module 6

Bust Through Obstacles and Own Your Pleasure!

(clear the past so you can indulge in the present)

No amount of sexual positions, perfect communication, or erotic games can help you bypass your wounds.

If you want to enjoy sex on a whole new level, we’ll help you heal unresolved demons leftover from your exes, boundary breaks, disempowering inherited beliefs, and on and on.

Transform your biggest obstacles into your most potent pathways for pleasure, when you heal the Shadow side of your Blueprints.

Module 7

Experience erotic satisfaction you didn’t even know was possible

(become the ultimate lover – solo and partnered)

The possibilities for pleasure are endless.

Expanding into the turn ons of all the Blueprint Types means you get to be turned on by everything, if you want. Solo or partnered!

Your lover’s pleasure map is probably very different from yours. If you don’t know how to feed their desires, passion can fade and connection can die.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were authentically turned on by what your lover desires?

When you expand into ALL the Blueprint Pleasures, you no longer “perform” for your lover. You become the ultimate lover, because you know how to access your own pleasure, solo, and how to please any lover, no matter their Blueprint Type. 

Discovering ALL that’s erotically possible is what this module is all about!

Module 8

Pleasure satisfaction for a lifetime

(don’t settle for less… ever again!)

You are the master of your own pleasure destiny.

This module gives you the tools to experience fulfilling connection, lusty passion and hot sex for the rest of your life.

No matter whether you’re single or in a relationship, 20 years old or 80, you can access turn on and pleasure satisfaction!

Discover the tools that Jaiya and Ian have used and have shared with thousands of students to keep the fires of passion burning bright for a lifetime!

8 In-Depth Modules, But Only…

3 steps to sexual fulfillment…

1 life-changing program to achieve them all.

Know Your Pleasure

Do you know what really turns you on (and off)?

Do you know what’s erotically possible and how much pleasure is available in your body?

Can you successfully guide any lover to drive you to orgasmic satisfaction?

You’ve got sexy Superpowers

Before you can understand your lover(s), put your own pleasure first and understand yourself.

This immersive program guides you, step-by-step, to discover what truly brings YOU pleasure.

If you’re single, you don’t need to wait for sexual fulfillment.

If you’re in relationship, we give you tools to effectively communicate your desires, so you can finally get the sexual satisfaction that you crave.

Own Your Pleasure

You deserve pleasure!

It’s your birthright!

What’s holding you back from experiencing the pleasure you desire?

Is it difficult for you to ask for what you want?

Are you holding on to emotional blocks or suffering from a changing sex drive?

Do you judge your desires, feel weird or broken in your sexuality?

You are NOT broken. You are whole and complete, just as you are.

This training will help you clear emotional blocks, shed shame and fear, take control of your sexual health and dismantle the Shadows of your sexuality that are killing your pleasure.

It’s time to claim the pleasure you deserve.

Live Your Pleasure

Empowered! Confident! Expressed!

We’ll give you the specific skills, the erotic intelligence and the pleasure vocabulary to know what you want and how to get it!

Confident that you can satisfy your lover’s needs and desires (no matter what Blueprint Type they are), you’ll become the ultimate lover.

Empowered to be your own Erotic Detective, you are able to navigate physical, hormonal, and emotional challenges…

So, no matter what stage of life you or your relationship(s) are in, you’ll be able to experience sexual satisfaction and keep passion burning bright!

“I have to tell you…

I’ve done tons of online courses over the years and this course is by far the best course I have EVER done.

The videos are so entertaining to watch, the workbook is really helpful and the coaching calls and online community have been wonderful. I haven’t really explored any of the bonus courses yet, but those look good too.

I’ve been struggling with issues in my sex life for years now and tried counseling on and off and I feel like I’ve made more progress in these past few weeks than I have in the past few years!

I have much gratitude to you and Jaiya for creating this course and community – I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next :)“

~ KATE A -


You’ve got 2 super easy SELF-Study options

to get started today…

Payment Plan

Join The Blueprint Course
£444.00 a Month for 4 Months!

You’ll Get Immediate Access to the Blueprint Course, Erotic Freedom Club and All These Powerful Bonuses…*

  • 4 Group Coaching Calls every month
  • Erotic Freedom Club our exclusive, private Blueprints community
  • The Sex Communication Checklist
  • The Blueprint Immersions Practices for ALL 5 Blueprint Types
  • All 5 Erotic Blueprint Special Reports
  • And much more…

*When your payment plan is complete, you become a LIFETIME MEMBER of Erotic Freedom Club. Partners are required to have their own account. Sign your partner up for a full membership for only $690.

Pay In Full

Join The Blueprint Course
One Easy Payment of £1650.00

You’ll Get Immediate Access to the Blueprint Course, Erotic Freedom Club and All These Powerful Bonuses…

  • 4 Group Coaching Calls every month, month-after-month
  • You’ll become an instant LIFETIME member of Erotic Freedom Club
  • The Sex Communication Checklist
  • The Blueprint Immersions Practices for ALL 5 Blueprint Types
  • All 5 Erotic Blueprint Special Reports
  • And much more…

Partners are required to have their own account. Sign your partner up for a full membership for only $690.

 WAIT – Want to work 1:1 with Juliette?

look at the  VIP UPLEVEL Options below …


VIP Uplevel Option 1


(Payment plan also available)

You’ll get everything included in the self-study options above


  • 2x VIP 1:1 Sessions with Juliette (normally valued at £4444)

VIP Uplevel Option 2


(Payment plan also available)

You’ll get everything included in the self-study options above


  • 2x VIP 1:1 Sessions with Juliette (normally valued at £444)
  • 1 x VIP Day with Juliette (normally valued at £7500)

Find Out Exactly How This Program Can Work for You…

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course (EBBC) provides transformative sex education that inspires complete sexual fulfillment and deep connection.

The most common outcome for participants is, “I now know what I want, and have the words to speak up for and share it. I understand others’ needs that are the same and different from mine. Sex and intimacy are now fun!”

If you’re like most people you want to:

  • Realize your erotic potential and feel fed and fulfilled
  • Experience deep connection to yourself and your lover(s)
  • Ignite and maintain passion, attraction, and sexual satisfaction
  • Be felt, seen, heard and understood absent of judgement or shame
  • Expand your sex life into new realms

The EBBC will give you all this and MORE!

Meet Juliette…

As a mentor, guide, hypnotherapist, somatic therapist, and coach to 6 and 7-figure business owners, I bring a wealth of certifications to address both the mind and body.

I’m a Master Coach and Trainer in Accelerated Evolution Academy™️ and help to empower countless coaches to elevate their skills and heal in order to better serve their clients.

Through the Rapid Release Rewire and Restore Method®, I have seamlessly integrated modalities like somatic experiencing, Spinal Attunement, hypnotherapy, and Frequency work, thus enabling coaches and therapists to rewrite narratives and deepen their client support.

Beyond coaching, my unique skills and empathy have liberated clients from being stuck in relationships and having lost intimacy, both with themselves and each other. We work with past and present traumas which may have been in the way subconsciously for years. Once those no longer are in the way, there is so much more pleasure which starts to become available!

I have been honoured to help souls pass over and the whole journey it entails. Amongst my clients are those who have been affected by suicide, and the journey has been a rediscovery of acceptance and purpose.

In addition to coaching and training, I hold certifications in Orgasmic Meditation™️, Erotic Blueprint™️ coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Trauma and Somatic Release, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Akashic Records Reading, Reiki, and Spinal Attunement.

My diverse journey includes roles as a former professional Dominatrix, Dakini, Tantra teacher, Death Doula, and a practitioner in various holistic modalities.

Certifications only tell part of the story, experience, deep commitment, empathy, and a life well-lived tell the rest!

Who’d have thought it? I live in peace while living a deeply fulfilling and sensual life, helping other women and couples achieve that too!

Frequently Asked Questions…

I’m single, is this right for me?

Yes, yes and yes!  Being erotically alive and connected has nothing to do with being in a relationship with a partner or lover.  We believe each individual sets their own table for sexual satisfaction, whether single or in a partnership.  You can have sexual satisfaction in solo practice.  You can tune your erotic instrument and play yourself into a lather of ecstatic delights. 

And if you are seeking to be in a relationship, learning what turns you on will set you up to get your needs met when you do attract that amazing new lover.  Mastering the skills of feeding each Erotic Blueprint Type™ will turn you into a Sexy Superhero.  You can confidently enter into erotic play with a new lover(s), be certain to get your needs met and blow them away with your otherworldly ability to feed their deepest desires.  In fact, Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course is some of the best training to attract your ideal lover and craft a relationship with irresistible magnetic attraction for a lifetime.

How do I get my sexual needs met?

First of all, no one outside of you can meet your sexual needs unless YOU know what those needs are. This immersive mentorship style program gives you all the tools you need to uncover the full menu of what really turns you on (and turns you off).  Get the permission to claim your consensual pleasure and live your pleasure!  

8 in-depth modules with over 70 easy to digest and actionable video trainings take you on a journey of sexual awakening and empowerment, transforming your life, not just your sex life, but your entire relationship to sexual health and pleasure.

You’ll get in touch with your own body, learn how to talk openly about the things you want, and develop the skills needed to entice and invite your lover(s) to give you the pleasure you crave.

Why does it seem like everyone else is having great sex except me?

You’d be surprised how untrue that belief is. Most people in their 30s and beyond place sexual exploration and excitement on the backburner. Life becomes more about work, duties, and to-do lists.

The statistics show that most people are not living sexully fulfiling lives.

The only thing that will turn this sad reality around is when people like you decide to claim their pleasure and learn what it takes to experience deeply fulfilling intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

My desires seem weird to me. Am I normal?

No matter what you find “hot” or stimulating, we promise you: we’ve seen it all. You’re welcome here, and yes, you are normal. 

Unfortunately, society has a way of making people feel weird if they aren’t into the standard, vanilla perception of sex portrayed in the media. 

But sex isn’t one size fits all ― and people aren’t either. One person’s worst nightmare is someone else’s ultimate fantasy. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to help people accept themselves, celebrate their uniqueness, and embrace consensual crafted and fulfilling sex lives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consent is at the foundation of our work!  In our world you must have or develop skills to honor the boundaries of others and the awareness to know your own, so you can clearly declare your “Hell Yes!” and “Hell No!” in all areas of life, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy.

There are many ways to live out taboo fantasies.  What we do not accept in our community is when you live out your desires in non-consensual ways that cause harm to others.  That does NOT fly in our community.

How can an online course teach me about pleasure, orgasms, and intimacy?

Unlike so many online courses, we deliver 8 in-depth modules educating you with somatic, visual teachings about all things sex-related from a deeply researched, professional angle. Our trained coaches, and our meticulously studied and tested Blueprint Methodology is truly unique and revolutionary in the world sex education.  

This program takes you on a step-by-step journey to understand your entire, 360 degree eroticism.  You get powerful, brief video lessons that give you fun practices you can put to use right away.

You experience quick wins that show up what’s possible and we give you easy to apply practices so you always have something to explore.  And you can explore it all at your own level of comfort.

Single folx and Couples have different needs, and we give everyone ways to apply these lessons every step of the way. 

This information and these practices, paired with your lifetime membership, that you get once you’ve made all payments to be paid in full, are delivered in an accepting, open-minded, sex-positive community, which creates the perfect virtual environment for people to learn ALL about sex, pleasure, and intimacy ― not just one little part of it.

EFC Memberships are one per person.

If you want more hands on support, go VIP with Juliette

“I’m shy about this topic. Do I have to share?

The only thing we require is that you say “Yes” to our community rules when you join the group and we really want you to say “Hi” in an introductory post.  

We believe you will find the courage to lift the lid of your sexy life and share with us over time, but you are not required to make posts or to ask questions during the group coaching calls.  You can get a lot of transformation by being a sexy fly on the wall, if that’s how you need to participate

Is the course mine to keep?

Once your membership is paid in full, the Course is yours to keep for life.  

The course is delivered online and, once you’re a LIFETIME MEMBER, you always have access to al the modules inside of Erotic Freedom Club.

While you are taking Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course you will be part of Erotic Freedom Club. The classes, Coaching sessions, bonuses and special treats that are part of Erotic Freedom Club are only available to active members of the club. 

Short answer: Everything that is part of Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is yours for life to use and review at your leisure once you have paid in full for your membership. Enjoy 😉

How am I billed for the program?

Your Credit Card statement will say “Pleasure By Design” for the charges for this program.

If you choose the payment plan option, you will be billed monthly for your next payment.

If your credit card number changes or you need to change your payment method for any reason, it is your responsibility to update our records.

You will not be refunded for any monthly payments made towards your tuition.  Essentially each month you make your payment you continue to have access for that month.

How secure is my payment information?

By default we wouldn’t be able to sell ANYTHING online without having an SSL Certificate (allows for a secure connection from web server to a browser), on top of that we are PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which is another level of security we were required to comply with in order to use our Payment Gateway online.  You are in very good hands!

Is there a live aspect to the course? What kind of support will I get?

This is a SELF-Study course, and you will NOT get any support from Juliette unless you purchase the VIP option.

However, there are many ways to interact with the Erotic Blueprint community and group coaching calls you can take place in for dynamic and interactive support.

It is not just online learning…

You will also receive membership to Erotic Freedom Club, our exclusive online, sex-positive community filled with like minded, supportive seekers and many of our Erotic Blueprint Coaches™ ready to support and serve.

In Erotic Freedom Club you get:

  • Monthly Pleasure Mastery Group Coaching Calls: These calls are your access to one-on- one coaching to bust the blocks that stand in the way of your pleasure. Our Master Level Blueprint Coaches are available to you during this call for one-on-one coaching.  These calls attract a lot of members, so you should come prepared with your questions and raise your hand at the beginning of class.
  • Monthly S£x Tips Tools and Tricks group calls: This call gives you all the sex techniques, games, strategies and pleasure practices to support your Erotic expansion exactly where you are here and now. We’ll brainstorm s£x life challenges, Sexy Sex Labs and Adventure Dates to supercharge your sex life
  • Plus you get a ton of additional bonuses and trainings.

Many people in the Erotic Blueprint community are transformed by the reality of being surrounded by so many sex positive peers and come away with life long friendships.

When does the course begin?

The course begins as soon as you are a “Hell Yes!”. The course materials are available to you directly after subscribing  – it can take up to 72 hours to get you into Erotic Freedom Club.  Please follow ALL the steps that we send to you in emails after you have joined the course.

All you need to do is enroll, follow the emailed instructions and get into Erotic Freedom Club!!  

Then we ask that you create your profile in the Club and then dive right in to Module One of the Course.

Is the course self-paced, or do participants have to keep up with a preset pace?

This program is designed for self-paced learning, so you can go as fast or as slow as you need. It is intended to be taken no quicker than one module per week over the course of 8 weeks so you have a chance to allow the lessons to really sink in and for pleasure to fully integrate into your life.

How much time is needed for practice/assignments during the course?

We estimate you will need to set aside around 2.5-3 hours per module.

We have broken each of the 8 modules into several, short classes (5 to 15 minutes each) with fun and playful action steps along the way.

Our time estimate is only regarding the time you will need in order to watch the recorded material and complete the work booklet. 

The ideal way to take this course is by expanding into more pleasure throughout your entire life. So, the real answer is 24/7! Opening to greater connection and pleasure throughout your daily experience.

This is not a course, it is a way of life, if you choose it.

Are the videos downloadable?

Since we do offer lifetime access to the course we have not made the videos available for download. 

As a member of the Club, you can revisit the course material whenever you want without having to search through your old computer files to find it. 

You will also be notified if at any point the course materials are updated or enhanced in any way. The worksheets, however, are available for download.

Once you become a LIFETIME MEMBER you have lifetime access to the course through Erotic Freedom Club.


What is the benefit of enrolling with my partner. Do my partner and I get different content?

The tuition offered to you is for a single membership. 

By upgrading your membership to include your partner, you both receive access to Erotic Freedom Club and ALL of its benefits.

You each have your own access login. You both get to create your personalized profiles and express your individuality within the community, as well as join the live calls on your own.

There is a strong container of consent and only those who have become a member of £rotic Freedom Club can get all the benefits of the course and the community. 

In order to maintain this container we need to know who is a part of the erotic blueprint community. By choosing to enroll your partner in the program, they will become a full participant in the community, and will then be permitted to engage in the course materials as well as be on the calls for Pleasure Mastery or Sex Tips, Tools and Tricks.

Is this some sort of sex cult, like in the movies?

Not at all. 

The Erotic Blueprint community is a group of people who love to talk and learn about sex and pleasure.  In the community there are professional, highly trained coaches that give advice and feedback no matter what your sexual journey looks like (whether you’re monogamous or polyamorous, straight, gay, bi, queer or anyplace else on the spectrum, you have a home here.)  

As long as you’re committed to conscientious, consensual and empowered sexuality, you’ll be in the right place.

The Erotic Blueprints are based on over 25 years of Somatic Sexological study, working with thousands of clients, including clinical study and research. 

The purpose of this course is to free you from anything that blocks you from getting the consensual pleasure that you deserve.  We give you the information, skills and pleasure education to experience the deep intimate connection you desire and pleasures you never even knew were possible. And we honor your boundaries all along the path.

What if I live in a different time zone and can not make the live calls?

Not to worry! 

The erotic Blueprint community schedules our live calls for different times each month so that wherever you are in the world, there will be a call that you will be able to make at some point. Plus, we record the Sex Tips, Tools and Tricks calls and post them for review online in Erotic Freedom Club.

Pleasure Mastery calls are not recorded, because these calls are designed to dive into the deeper, more challenging material that arises, so we can coach people through their challenges.  We believe these calls should create as much safety as we can and to be as confidential as we can make them.

What if I feel under represented in the community, as a person who identifies as queer or non-binary?

We need you!!

The Blueprint Breakthrough, Inc. has a personal and professional goal of evolving our framework, language and sentiments to be progressively inclusive for all types of folx. We are actively working on this and had a diversity specialist on set of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course during our entire shoot making sure we were using inclusive language and neutralizing gender specific associations.

However, this is work in progress and honestly, we can’t do it without you! We need more leaders and people who are willing to be seen in our community, people who are normally underrepresented. We want to celebrate you!!

Will there be any nudity/live action webcaming?

There will be no live nude webcamming and although there is no nudity in the recorded material, they do generate significant heat and demonstrate a wide range of pleasure possibilities for you to try.

There are occasional bonuses that are explicit and we do our best to warn you, if there is material which we think might be triggering.  We ask the you take personal responsibility for your own level of comfort with the materials.

It is required that you are 18 years of age or older to participate in any of our course offerings.

Do we have the best dance parties on the planet?
Of course! We know how to shake our booties like nobody’s business.

We get the dance floor hoping and we dance ‘til we drop.

After all, our number one core brand value is PLEASURE FIRST.

Come dance with us!!! 

Ready to find yourself in ecstasy?

Sensory indulgence, heightened arousal, a life filled with passion, fulfillment, and satisfaction – it’s all possible with The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough.

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