The Scrumptious Experience® Receive & Reveal
The Scrumptious Experience® Receive & Reveal Product description

Receive the full Experience and reveal the God/Goddess in you.

This is will include the following ingredients and more:
  • Two Scrumptious days of immersive Private mentoring with Luxe intimacy ingredients to bring out your god/goddess…to release, receive and reveal your true Scrumptiousness.

  • Identifying and clearing intimacy wounds and body shame. Releasing self-confidence by installing pleasure practices which will reveal and restore the fullness of who you are!

  • In-depth Intimacy mentoring, Hypnotherapy,

  • Shamanic Sensual experience & healing with Juliette.

  • Body pleasure mapping – includes finding out what is YOUR way into pleasure.

This is an experience of coming home to yourself & releasing all that is in the way of being in your truest Essence. Let go of having to know how this is going to happen and let yourself be held.

"I’m deeply grateful for the transmissions you shared. Your authenticity and raw, deep, embodied love with that joyful, sparkle of humor had me feeling that it was finally safe to deeply land in my body. With your guidance and support, I have been able to open in a way I have never had access to before."

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