Spinal Attunement is a multidimensional, globally accredited modality founded by Sigourney Belle that combines Western principles of trauma healing with Eastern Philosophy and subtle, energetic work. 

Spinal Attunement works on the neuroendocrine system through the spine and the peripheral nervous system. It awakens the body’s natural intelligence, which is all innate to us. A session will help get to the root of what is happening in the body by unwinding the tension that keeps the body in a state of contraction and disease.

Through work on the parasympathetic and sympathetic spine gateways, energy centres, and body meridians, tension gets released, and the body is brought back into homeostasis and alignment and a deep connection with your true self.


Having regular attunements aids in integrating your internal and external worlds, attuning and aligning your energy

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What is Included?

1 initial consultation to go through your personal history.

4 x 1:1 sessions to sink into your body, and release the tension and emotions that may be trapped and holding you hostage from being your most Aligned Self.

As humans, we attribute meaning to everything.  The way you FEEL about something is how you rate it as “positive” or “negative”. Either way there is electrical “charge”- for or against.

It is this emotional electric charge that holds you back from the potential transformation you can BE.
In an attunement the release happens in a way that there is no “story”, no thought. The body has an innate way of moving stored emotions; The Spinal Wave. This may be visible or be ever so slight.; the  body is realigning back to wholeness at cellular level.

Think of it this way, you are an instrument, and your energy is everything.

To sound and perform at its best, regular attunements are beneficial to release the energy that gets trapped and is stuck which affects what you are emanating into the world, and what you attract.

If your instrument is out of tune, it isn’t going to sound good, is it? 🙂

The body gets used to being attuned. Sessions build on each other. For best results book all sessions in during a 6 week period.

Some of you may need a more intensive approach of 2 sessions a week.

All sessions need to be taken within 3 months from time of purchase


What people are saying after continuing attunements:

The session with Juliette was gentle and very nourishing like there was a quantum surgery happening on my body, going into my cells.

As we went deep, the next day I started to have an almost unbearable physical pain next to my heart correlated with what had opened up for me.

I shared the situation with her and immediately we had a second session that day.

It allowed me to rewrite some of my DNA.

After, the pain was almost gone and I felt an upgrade happening in my whole being.

I went on a 13-hour sleep and the next day the pain was completely gone.

I feel a part of me died, some timelines have been shifted, more solid, and more in my power.

It was an incredible transformational journey and the medicine that is flowing through Juliette is an extremely powerful one.

Kaya, Cyprus