Mentorship with JULIETTE


Hi Scrumptious One!


I am thrilled to connect with you.

Private mentorship is open to men and women. 

At the end of your application are all current 1:1 options. Private mentorship is a 5 figure investment, and filling out an application does not guarantee working with me.

To help me help you, the more honest and transparent you are while completing this short form. the more aligned my recommendation will be to you, resulting in accelerated results.

I would love to get to know more about you to determine what may be the most suitable method of support for you.

Once your application is reviewed , I will tune into what is the most aligned recommendation is for you right now. You will receive an email with the next steps.

I only work privately with perfectly aligned clients (for the highest good of all).

Thank you for taking time and energy to complete this.





Love always,

Application to Experience Juliette

Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in answering these questions.


I’ll be in touch in the next few days with more information. 


Love Always,


Juliette ❤️