My life’s work is to help visionaries and leaders understand that what may be in the way of them being fully expressed is a simple attunement of their energetic and emotional blocks.

Alchemising Pain into Pure Power!

A 1:1 one- off, private, 45-minute session with Juliette.


You will leave a lot lighter, more joyous, and a feeling that years have come off your shoulders, without whatever was holding you back.

Whether this is removing trauma, phobias and bad habits or installing a new identity, you will have profound and lasting shifts.


I will take you through the Rapid Release Rewire and Restore modality to release fears, emotional and mental content, and intense experiences to bring more joy, space, and grace.

It is a radically effective set of psycho-emotional and metaphysical processes that access and completely transmute emotional blocks at their root.

I created this modality after being a trainer and mentor for years, certifying and mentoring hundreds of coaches and therapists to up-level their skills and in turn help their clients.

I have combined it with my extensive knowledge of hypnotherapy, IFS, NLP, shamanic work, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Spinal Attunement and Quantum healing to create its unique flavour.

Hi, I’m Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenburg

A mentor and teacher who helps high-functioning women and couples heal and rediscover the most important relationships in life–the one they have with themselves, each other, and with the world!

My journey to embodying The Scrumptious Lifestyle has been an interesting one! Losing more than half my body weight, having been hospitalised on and off for 9 months and remembering an intense sexual trauma set me on the path to deep healing and liberation. I promised myself that as I continue to heal and thrive, I will spend the rest of my lifetime helping others do the same. Because living a life that feels liberating in every way – mind, body, and soul – is the gift of a lifetime, for you, your lineage and your future generations.

My quest for inner peace and liberation took me on a journey to specialise in multiple certifications such as EFT, Tantra, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, CPD, Erotic Blueprint, Spinal attunement mastery, Special Educational Needs for children and adults on the autism spectrum, and of course Interior Design. I have alchemised these modalities into my methodology that I lovingly call, “The Art of Scrumptious Living” and support clients in turning their pain into gold. Whether it is helping a loved one pass on, learning to live again after the intense loss of a child, or overcome body shame and trauma, the one thing my clients have in common is the way they FEEL about their lives. I am a master at evoking emotions that have been repressed for years, decades even, and moving stagnant energy  in the body through and out! 

I am fiercely loving and adore my 4 adult children, partner, dog and ex-husband and have an outrageous, infectious laugh!

My podcast, The Scrumptious Woman, has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, paying it forward!

My mission is a world where sensuality, Scrumptiousness, spirituality and pleasure reign and become the non-negotiable of life!



A reflection on Juliette

A powerful, wise master.

I’m deeply grateful for the transmissions you shared.

Your commitment to your own journey has led you to where you are now in order to share these codes and wisdom with us. Your authenticity and raw, deep, embodied love with that joyful sparkle of humour mixed through it had me feel that it was finally safe to deeply land in my body.( I don’t use “makes me feel” anymore after your teachings! 😉)

With your guidance and support, I have been able to open up in a way I have never had access to before.

You have been a true inspiration to me, and the times that I do get triggered, I ask myself, “What would Juliette do?” and I use the tools you’ve given me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”



Tammy & John, California

I love you so so much.

You are not only so inspiring but a gifted healer. I am so grateful for you being there for me and facilitating deep healing for my psyche and body. My husband and I are forever grateful.  ❤️

Cynthia Jakes, UK

“Juliette, your gift is beyond words. It’s a feeling. I have seen countless healers, and no one has even been close to touching the deep inner wall I had up from trauma as a teen.

I am blessed to have you in my life, to experience first hand your magic and love.

Every woman deserves to be freed from their trauma. You are a beautiful conduit for channeling the words, energy and release to trapped memories.

Thank you for sharing it  ♥️”

Jennifer Bitner, Executive coach and concierge, Mexico

“You are a genius! I am speechless; so much value in one call!

I thought I had so many tools to take myself and others down to a zero, but that technique, wow!
I have never been able to even say my aunt’s or cousin’s name without crying, and now I feel so complete!

I love having another tool for processing feelings, and the session you took me through was the only one I ever did that helped move the feelings through me so quickly. I felt so light and so much love when we were done! And it only took 5 or so minutes! Remarkable!

Also, witnessing you and what you’ve been through is literally mind-blowing. You are so beautiful in your work and how you lead your life. Truly an inspiration, I am in awe of you!🤍”

Lisa Cheatham, jeweller, New York