In this lifetime you get to have it ALL!

Flow, ease, abundance and pleasure become the way of living when  intense experiences or your limitations have lifted and you are tapped into yourself completely.

As your energy comes into alignment with who you truly are, you become more magnetic, and attract what you desire effortlessly t instead of working so hard to pull them in.

Life becomes more magical and it feels as if the whole universe is conspiring for your success.

I help high-achieving women and couples thrive in a life they deeply love.

As a successful woman, or couple,  your life is incredible in many areas. Perhaps your career has taken off, your business is successful, your finances are taken care of, and you are vacationing in your dream destinations, yet there are still places and spaces in your life that are holding you back from living life in your fullest expression.

There could be past trauma that you may not be aware of simmering under the surface that is holding you from feeling completely soul aligned.

Your relationships may not be at the peak of where you want them to be.

You might feel a bit of a disconnection to yourself- ever so slightly….

You may be listening to others’ intuition and advice more than your own.

There is something that you can not quite put your finger on, yet you have a sense that there is “something more” out there that is just out of your reach.

You can feel that your potential is huge in this lifetime.

You desire to quantum leap your impact, create deep and intimate relationships with yourself and your loved ones, live in pleasure, re-awaken your sensuality and have life feel like a waking dream.

My love, know that this life is possible for you!


I help women and couples who feel like they have it all except for ……….(fill in the blank), ultimately have it all.

This woman has screwed up many times, as a partner, a mother, a daughter, a sister, or as a friend, because she doesn’t always say or do the ‘right things. ‘

She has a smart mouth, and she has secrets.
She has scars because she has a history.
Some people love this woman, some like her, and some people don’t care for her at all.
She has done good in her life.
She has done bad in her life.
She goes days without make-up or pretty outfits.
She is random and sometimes silly.
She will not pretend to be someone she is not anymore.

She is who she is.

How I arrived at a Life I love

I know that life can look perfect on the outside, yet tell a different story behind the scenes.

Years ago, my life looked incredible from the outside.

In reality, I was spreading my energy far and wide, trying to please everyone, to be a good mother and wife, and was a chronic over-giver.

I held it all together until my body could no longer take it.

I divorced my husband and soon found myself in another relationship where I continued the overgiving.

With 7 children between the two of us (and 7 different schools!), I was managing everyone else, but myself- and-

my body finally put its foot down.

I began having fainting spells and spent 9 months in and out of the hospital, unable to walk anywhere unattended.

Hitting this rock bottom catapulted me into my journey of recovery.

I dove into my body, psyche, and soul, certified in numerous coaching modalities, and moved through sexual trauma that had been repressed for over 20 years.

Just as things were turning around, I lost my beloved sister to a terminal illness, then a year later my father and later that year, my mother.

The experience of holding my loved ones as they took their last breath opened me up to the intensity of profound grief, which has been one of my greatest teachers and gifts in this lifetime.

Grief gifted me the acceptance of the perfection of my journey.


Now, I lead entrepreneurs, coaches, and high-impact women to create the life of their dreams

To take up space.

To stand powerfully in the totality of who they are.

To overcome trauma.

To master themselves.

To step into a new frequency.

To access their sensuality.

To open up into effortless abundance, and to live out their full potential.

To Feel Fully!

I help my clients step into a new energetic frequency.


One where they deeply love, feel, and embody themselves completely.

I work at the level of the mind, body, soul, and energetics to help my clients step into a life of more pleasure, abundance, success, and ease.

My clients are a mixture of self-made millionaires, 6- figure entrepreneurs and high achievers.

The one thing they all have in common is the willingness to change and call in the life of their dreams and to do so quickly!

As a coach, mentor, hypnotherapist and trainer of trainers, I am certified in a lot of different ways to tackle feeling in both mind and body:


As a Master Coach and Trainer in Accelerated Evolution™️, I have trained and mentored hundreds of coaches over the last decade and have helped them up-level their skills. They have cleared their trauma and have acquired the skills so that they can in turn bring this to their clients.

I have used my skills as a  hypnotherapist to free many clients of both past and current life trauma holding them back, and help partners and parents of suicide victims to regain a love for life after having such a massive loss.

I furthermore am a certified trainer and teacher in Orgasmic Meditation ™️,  an Erotic Blueprint™️ coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, use Trauma and Somatic Release, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Shamanism and am a former professional Dominatrix, a Dakini and a Tantra teacher.

I bring a lot of these practices to our coaching, but credentials only tell part of the story.

Who’d have thought it? I live in peace while living a deeply fulfilling and sensual life, helping other women achieve that too!