In this lifetime you get to have it ALL!

Recognising that this life of boundless possibilities is within your grasp!

I specialise in guiding high-achieving visionaries and leaders toward a life they passionately adore.

When you release intense experiences and limitations, a symphony of flow, ease, abundance, and pleasure becomes the rhythm of your existence. Fully immersed in YOUR essence, your authentic self radiates irresistible magnetism, effortlessly attracting your desires.

Life transforms into a majestic spectacle, and it feels as though the cosmos itself conspires for your success.

As an accomplished leader, your career soars, your business thrives, finances are secure, and dream getaways are regular. Yet, untapped potential in certain parts prevents complete self-expression.

Hidden traumas may simmer beneath the surface, obstructing your soul’s alignment. Relationships might not have reached the pinnacle you desire. A faint sense of disconnection from yourself lingers.

You may realise you’re relying more on others’ intuition than your own inner wisdom.

There’s a feeling that something extraordinary hovers just out of reach—a “something more” you sense but can’t quite grasp.

Your potential is colossal in this lifetime. You yearn to catapult your impact, forge profound connections, revel in endless pleasure, rekindle sensuality, and have life resemble an enchanting waking dream.

My love, know that a life of boundless possibilities is within your grasp!

I assist leaders and visionaries, who feel they’ve achieved greatness in almost every aspect except for that elusive “something,” in reaching their zenith, ensuring they have it ALL.

My mission is to help alchemise pain into gold.

A world where pleasure, scrumptiousness, spirituality, and sensuality reign.

How I arrived at a Life I love

I understand that life can often present a picture of perfection on the surface, concealing a very different reality beneath the facade.

Years ago, my life appeared flawless to those on the outside.

In reality, I poured my energy into meeting everyone’s expectations, striving to be the perfect mother and wife—an innate over-giver.

I kept it together until my body rebelled, leading to divorce and another relationship marked by over-giving. Juggling seven children, each in different schools, left me neglecting myself, resulting in my body’s breakdown.

Fainting spells and 9-months of hospital followed, sparking a transformative recovery journey. I delved deep into understanding my body, earned coaching certifications, and confronted decades-old sexual trauma.

As I saw progress, and helped numerous other coaches, a string of devastating losses hit—my sister, father, and later, my mother. Navigating helping them pass and these losses became an intense lesson in grief, unexpectedly turning into one of my most profound teachers and blessings in this lifetime.

Grief offered me the gift of accepting the perfection of my own journey.

Now, I guide visionaries and leaders through significant life transformations, helping them create truly Scrumptious lives!

My mission is to empower them to confidently occupy the space they deserve, transcending past traumas and elevating their energetic frequency.

Together, we master their mind, body, soul, and energetics, unlocking effortless abundance, embracing sensuality, and thriving under all circumstances.

My clients learn to feel fully, manifesting lives filled with pleasure, abundance, success, and ease.

As a mentor and guide to 6 and 7-figure business owners, I bring a wealth of deeply embodied knowledge to address both the mind and body.

Through the Rapid Release Rewire and Restore Method®, I have seamlessly integrated modalities like somatic experiencing, Spinal Attunement, hypnotherapy, and Frequency work. This enables my clients who are often coaches and therapists to rewrite narratives and deepen their client support.

Beyond coaching, my unique skills and empathy have liberated clients from past and present traumas. I’ve guided those affected by suicide, helping them rediscover acceptance and purpose.

In addition to coaching and training, I hold many certifications and I draw from the lineages of Tantra, Orgasmic Orgasm, BDSM, Taoism, western esoteric science and transpersonal psychology. I have apprenticed with a shaman and have delved deeply into quantum physics and energy healing.

My diverse journey includes roles as a former professional Dominatrix, Dakini, Tantra teacher, Death Doula and practitioner in various holistic modalities.

Certifications only tell part of the story, experience, deep commitment, empathy, and a life well-lived tell the rest!

Who’d have thought it? I live in peace while living a deeply fulfilling and sensual life, helping other women and couples achieve that too!