The most hands-on program to help you get back to your most unapologetic SCRUMPTIOUSNESS

Being an unapologetic juicy AF woman, taking up space isn’t nearly as easy as it looks on the ‘gram #if only..

Yet that absolutely does not mean that you let any of these challenges stand in your way and give up on a Juicy AF SCRUMPTIOUS life of your dreams.

Truth be told, there are a lot of women out there who are bright AF and living the life of their dreams, and it can be a hella triggering.

Old trauma resurfaces, and the doubt monster rears its ugly head!

7-days of Scrumptiousness will give you the edge you need to claim your place as the CREATOR of your life.

All you need to do is trust yourself, show up, play full out and be dedicated to giving yourself this time. I will handle the rest.


You have been on this healing journey for years. You could sit down in a therapist’s chair and lay out your trauma, coping mechanisms, and attachment styles like a salesperson with an elevator pitch..

You are clogged up with ALL the information…

When what you actually need is the RELEASE, REWIRE and integration of your EMOTIONS!

Truth is, there is nothing more powerful than FEELING FULLY-

That is the core of living a SCRUMPTIOUS life! 

Truth is, most are afraid of THAT!

Nothing creates more lasting change than feeling emotions that surface and having the TOOLS to move them through your mind, body and soul.

You can know everything there is to know about your trauma intellectually,

but #sorrynotsorry,

your next breakthrough isn’t in your head.

It’s in your body and your energy!

Let me tell you, there is not a book on this planet that has more information than a feeling fully felt!


So, are are ready to step into true liberation

and feel connected to WHO you are, mind, body and soul?


Do you want to come out of having a Vanilla life and have the most alive life experience?



Give me 7 days, and I will have you coming away feeling the VaVa VOOM in your life again!

You are so worth it!


7 days to bathe in the glory of Scrumptiousness is the REAL needle mover!

There is no one like YOU!

There has never been anyone like YOU.

There shall never be anyone  like YOU.




SCRUMPTIOUSNESS is the KEY to your most AUTHENTIC life!

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